Baby Benjamin won’t eat unless he watches Gangnam Style

As any parent knows, feeding a fussy baby can be really hard work. It would take more than an hour just to feed Benjamin lunch. We had tried all different kinds of techniques to get him to eat his vegetables without fussing, including mixing yoghurt and fruit in, and playing Sesame Street videos (which was only effective in short bursts), but none of them were nearly as effect as Gangnam Style.

I first discovered the hypnotic effect Gangnam Style had on Benjamin a few days prior to filming the video. I really enjoyed the video and I was always curious if Benjamin would like it too. The first time I introduced it to him at a mealtime, I literally fed him in less than half the time.

I was really amazed about how well it worked and how effective it was at calming him down. Since that time, the video has been really helpful in getting him to eat, and we’ve used it a bunch of times to great effect, and he’s getting all the nutrition he needs as a growing baby.

We only play him videos during mealtimes when he is fussing excessively, and when we need him to eat so he doesn’t get hungry. We don’t allow him to watch lots of TV at any other time, and we only feed him as much as he needs – my wife wouldn’t have it any other way!

I hope that you enjoyed the video, and that it made you smile as much as we did when we first found out.

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    Your baby is sooo cute~!

  • Another mum

    I just watched your cute baby video gangnam style on sunrise an Australia morning show, we’ll done.

  • Yumi Chung

    omg benjie is sooo cutee!!! my mom and i enjoyed watching it! :)

  • shalom69

    Hilarious entry and beautiful family.

    Not that it really matters but are you guys Viet?

  • Isabela

    Super cute! I loved this video, made me really smile =)

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    aaawwhhh he’s so cute he’s precious

  • Theresa

    Great videos and a beautiful family!

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    Cute video! I saw it on Ellen :)

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    You guys are sooo cute! Your baby is such sweetie! Hope you are all well! :)

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    lindoooooooos, i love!

  • Mary

    I wish we had this video when my 6 year old was a baby!!! He was a major challenge to feed back then. Good luck with feeding Benjamin!

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    Que amor de bebê, vocês são uma linda família…
    Love that baby, you are a beautiful family …


    그 아기를 사랑, 당신은 아름다운 가족 …

  • Judy in Shanghai

    What a precious baby! I think your autorocker is GENIUS!

  • Ricky Shetty

    Our daughter is only 5 months old but we will definitely try this when she is older!

    We did a Baby Gangnam Style Video too:

  • jia

    baby Benjamin is so cute ^^
    NO DOUBT ! haha..cuz his mummy looks gorgeous and his daddy is a good looking guy.
    feels like wanna pinch baby Benjamin’s cheeks :3

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    Hi, great Video, look at our little son

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    Hi, I live in Turkey, Your baby very sweet, I love Asia and Japan, Greetings from Turkey :)

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    Hi, I live in Turkey. Your baby very sweet :) , I love Asia and Japan and greetings from Turkey :)

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    Your baby is beyond adorable

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    Oh so cute! You are just an adorable baby ! Your parents love you so much to come up with anything just to make you eat ! Good thing it worked !

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    Great video and great strategy- using Gangnam style! I wonder if any other songs will do the trick for him?

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  • Jennifer

    Thanks so much for posting the video of Benjamin eating with Gangnam Style. Tried it to my 10 months Laetitia, It really works. you guys are genius! Good on you! Cheers…

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      Many thanks for commenting, glad it worked for you too :) . Benjamin was also 10 months old when we made the video!